Wall Framing Systems for Home Builders
  • Reduce significantly the Carbon Footprint
  • Can be installed and ready to frame in roughly 1-2 days versus a week or more with traditional concrete foundations.
  • More space less waste due to how the foundation system is manufactured
  • Better insulated and no need for a frost wall
  • Can be significantly warmer than traditional concrete
  • More precise and square to build on


Our frames are fabricated off-site in a climate-controlled facility and then shipped and installed on-site. BIFFCO FRAMING exceeds conventional construction in build quality while also having the following added benefits:

  • Less time to completion
  • The BIFFCO frame is assembled using only a drill and screws
  • Increased production, efficiency, and quality control
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Lower labour costs
  • Less inventory, tools, and equipment management, on the job site
  • Zero construction waste
  • Minimized delays and damages caused by inclement weather

The standard requirement was 9250 lbs of compression. The BIFFCO frame exceeded 80,000 lbs.  An outstanding performance for our product with a result of 9 times the strength of standard requirement. 

The benefits in using our product and contributing in a cleaner world:

  • Environmentally Greener

  • Safer

  • Zero construction waste 

  • Significantly reduced Carbon Footprint
  • O.S.B is a recycled material

The trades personnel communicated with us the advantages of the uses of our product which is:

  • Straight walls
  • Square corners
  • Easy to build
  • Less tool requirements
  • Safer environments to work in
  • Less noisy
  • Not as physically demanding
  • Provides stronger anchor points

​We invite you to watch the compression testing performed by Intertek below. 


Patent Pending, Greener Build, Innovative Wall Framing Systems

BIFFCO FRAMING is a manufacturer of a post and beam wall framing systems and is located in Calgary, Alberta.

We have engineered a new and innovative laminated Oriented Stand Board (OSB) framing system for the construction of garages, chalets, homes - including tiny ones - as well as condominium projects. Our patent pending system (Canada and the U.S.) is designed to save time and labour while adding remarkable strength and precision, versus traditional stick framing. With every component pre-built in our facility, there is no cutting and no waste on the job site, resulting in a much greener product for our environment.

Since OSB is made from small and fast growth trees, we are helping to reduce the numbers of big beautiful trees needed for the production of traditional lumber. 

Look for our mobile showroom around Calgary! We're ready to bring the Biffco Framing System to architects, builders and DIY-ers to see the future of framing first hand! Call us at 587-999-6204 or email us to schedule your visit. 


For the oil and gas industry that needs to build storage or housing in a remote locations, BIFFCO FRAMING can:

  • Ship complete kits
  • Ready to assemble by personnel
  • With minimum experience in framing

​​If you are looking for a sustainable, high-quality wall framing systems for your workforce, your home or recreational property, contact BIFFCO FRAMING first. We will work with your timelines and budget to build your vision. 

We help you build

As seen on CTV News

Due to high Carbon Footprint with the use of concrete foundations, BIFFCO FRAMING has developed  a new and unique foundation system to replace the traditional concrete forms and awaiting testing. The benefits for using our foundation system will be: