Home Construction

  • Single Family Housing
  • Custom Built Homes
  • Small Condominiums
  • Town Houses
  • Garages or Workshops
  • Tall Wall Applications


  • Foundations
  • Disaster Relief
  • FEMA
  • Remote Military Shelters
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Remote National Park Shelters
  • Farm Equipment
  • Livestock Buildings
  • ​Hay & Agriculture
  • Workshops
  • ​Machine Storage
  • Base Camps
  • Remote Storage Units
  • ​Housing
  • Workshops
  • ​LEED Certified 



Farming & Acreages

Oil & Gas

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Custom Applications

The BIFFCO FRAMING products can be used anywhere traditional lumber is being used. This includes both 2x4 and 2x6 construction. The structure is adaptable to many project types and is easily shipped in a container to remote places.